Augmented Performance Feedback

Augmented Performance Feedback & Challenge Package

The Augmented Performance Feedback gives patients the opportunity to playfully exercise functional movements by measuring their performance and presenting it within task-specific exercises. As they receive a score for active movements, the patients are motivated to improve their movement quality. This reward-based training makes the highly repetitive therapy challenging and enjoyable. Patients are thus motivated to practice longer and with more commitment, which increases neuroplastic changes and motor relearning.

The new Challenge Package of the LokomatPro offers highly attractive exercises that boost the patient’s motivation and effort by providing competitive elements and intuitive scoring. With the Speed-Up function, the patient can actively increase the walking speed by putting in more effort, resulting in higher training intensity. The Augmented Performance Feedback explicitly rewards the patient for improvements in specific aspects of functional gait training, such as foot clearance and step length. Even severely affected patients who still require full guidance may profit from the option to increase gait variation, which is beneficial in the relearning process.

See examples of exercises at "Videos".

"Training with the Augmented Performance Feedback is highly motivating for the patients. This effect is visible from the first session."

Dr. Friedemann Müller, Head Physician, Neurologische Klinik Bad Aibling, Germany

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