Your Gateway to Endless Research Opportunities

Thanks to a close-knit partnership with Motek, Total Solution Provider Hocoma is able to offer you endless research opportunities in the field of gait- and arm-related research. Motek develops Virtual Reality and robotics technologies used to analyze human movement. The market leader offers a range of state-of-the-art, instrumented treadmill- and balance platform-based systems powered by real-time feedback software. With the help of these technologies, you are bound to set future standards for the study of balance and movement disorders.

A high-end hardware and software system for registration, evaluation and training of functional human behaviour, powered by VR-, motion capture- and balance platform-technology
A total package solution for gait analysis and gait training with instrumented dual-belt treadmill, a motion capture-system and VR environments
A treadmill that uses visual cues on the belt surface and acoustic cues for training and evaluation of gait patterns
A clinical tool that measures and trains dynamic and static balance control under conditions of various complexity and difficulty
A modular system for Gait Research & Clinical Gait Analysis with versatile options like fast pitch and sway treadmill, motion capture- or VR-systems
A robotic medical device that provides highly repetitive physiological gait training – especially to severely impaired patients
Guiding the initial phases of arm and hand function recovery
The HapticMaster VR is a haptic robot designed to give users a realistic sense of touch in a virtual or remote world. Use the D-Flow Suite to create interactive and immersive AR/VR applications that use both haptic and visual feedback.

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