Armeo®Power - Features & Functions

Early Rehabilitation Therapy

The ArmeoPower has been specifically designed for arm and hand therapy in an early stage of rehabilitation. The device enables even patients with severe movement impairments to perform exercises with a high number of repetitions, which is paramount for relearning motor function.

Extensive 3D Workspace
The robotic exoskeleton with six actuated degrees of freedom allows training in an extensive 3D workspace. This enables patients to practice the movements important for their therapy progress and daily life.

Assist-as-Needed Support
The ArmeoPower recognizes when the patient is not able to carry out a movement and assists the patient’s arm as much as needed to successfully reach the goal of the exercise. It adapts the arm support to the individual needs and changing abilities of each patient – from full movement guidance for patients with very little activity to no support at all for more advanced patients. This assist-as-needed arm support enables and motivates patients to participate actively in their training, which effectively supports motor relearning.

Simultaneous therapy from shoulder to fingers (ManovoPower)
The ArmeoPower with the ManovoPower supports the entire movement chain, from the shoulder to fingers. This enables even severely affected patients to practice movements relevant for daily living in a safe environment, while achieving more physiological movement patterns.

Augmented Performance Feedback

An extensive library of motivating, game-like exercises has been designed to train activities of daily living. Immediate performance feedback helps patients to improve their motor abilities, leading to more independence in daily routine and therefore better quality of life.

Assessment Tools

The ArmeoPower precisely records how patients perform and how much support they need during their therapy sessions. Standardized Assessment Tools evaluate the sensors and motors of the device to investigate specific function. The results can be used to analyze and document the patient’s state and therapy progress. The Armeo software supplies accurate assessments through the options A-MOVE, A-GOAL, A-ROM and A-FORCE.

Improved Therapy Efficiency

The ArmeoPower allows the therapist to focus on the patient and the actual therapy by reducing the therapist’s physical effort. This liberation allows for a more efficient use of staff resources. Therapists are enabled to make better use of their clinical know-how and expertise leading to optimized patient care.

Comparison of Armeo® Products

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Fugl-Meyer score of four chronic stroke patients at baseline, after 8 weeks of therapy and at 6 months follow-up in a pilot trial with the research prototype of the ArmeoPower (ARMin robot). Figure adapted from Staubli et al. 2009.
Balloons: Train range of motion in the frontal plan by puncturing balloons and avoiding bombs.
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