The new Armeo®Power

The new Armeo®Power with Manovo®Power

ArmeoPower is the world’s most advanced arm rehabilitation device. It enables highly intensive arm rehabilitation for early-stage patients even before they develop active movement. The ArmeoPower was shown to lead to faster and better recovery after stroke compared to conventional therapy (Klamroth-Marganska et al., Lancet Neurology, 2014).

The ArmeoPower with ManovoPower is the first robotic exoskeleton for integrated arm and hand rehabilitation. It provides the following key benefits:

  • Enables highly intensive early rehabilitation even for severely affected patients
    • Assist-as-needed support automatically adapts to the patient’s abilities
    • Supports the complete movement chain – simultaneous therapy from shoulder to fingers
  • Motivates patients with Augmented Performance Feedback exercises for arm and hand training
  • Provides assessments for an objective analysis and documentation of patient progress

"I came from nowhere and I know it worked."

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