Armeo® Therapy Concept

The Armeo® Therapy Concept

This is a sustainable and powerful therapy concept for individuals who have suffered strokes, traumatic brain injury or neurological disorders resulting in hand and arm impairment.

Despite the patient’s disorder, research suggests that the neural plasticity of the brain is retained and new connections can be made through intensive, repetitive, task-oriented movements. These exercises assist the gradual reorganization of the brain, which subsequently allows the restoration of movement and functionality to the affected parts.

Clinical trials also indicate that therapies are more effective if the patient initiates the exercise and remains motivated through the often lengthy rehabilitation process, a recovery period in which one-to-one therapist attention may not be economically viable.

Using this clinical evidence as a basis, the Armeo Therapy Concept has been developed. It comprises three features and a modular line of three Armeo products, all driven from a single software platform. The result is a comprehensive therapy concept which addresses different patient and therapeutic needs across the whole “Continuum of Rehabilitation”, from the beginning of the rehabilitation process through to home therapy.

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The Armeo Therapy Concept improves the efficiency of therapy treatments because the exercises are self-initiated, self-directed, functional and intense. Even severely impaired patients can practice independently, without the constant presence of a therapist, allowing patients to exploit their full potential for recovery.

The Augmented Performance Feedback provided by the shared software platform, encourages and motivates patients to achieve a higher number of repetitions, and this leads to better, faster results and improved long-term outcomes.

The software also provides automatic, ongoing assessment of motor functions and patients can readily track their progress, helping them to grasp the initiative and reach towards recovery.

"I can’t over-emphasize how important it is that the effort in the Armeo therapy is self-initiated. In hands-on therapy, the initiation often comes from the therapist. With Armeo therapy, it’s coming from the patient’s own brain."

Louise Rutz-LaPitz
Director of Therapy and Training, Rheinburg-Klinik, Switzerland

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