Armeo® - Arm and Hand Therapy

Helping Patients to Grasp the Initiative and Reach Towards Recovery

The Armeo Therapy Concept includes four distinct products, the ArmeoPower, the ArmeoSpring/ArmeoSpring Pediatric and the ArmeoBoom, each designed for a particular stage in the recovery process. Patients, who have no voluntary activation of the arm muscles yet, can begin their therapy using the ArmeoPower. Once they begin to regain active movement of the arm and hand, they can start training with the ArmeoSpring. Finally, the patients can use the ArmeoBoom to further increase active arm movements and improve motor control. The ArmeoSpring Pediatric was specifically designed to meet the needs of children.

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"I can’t over-emphasize how important it is that the effort in the Armeo therapy is self-initiated. In hands-on therapy, the initiation often comes from the therapist. With Armeo therapy, it’s coming from the patient’s own brain."

Louise Rutz-LaPitz
Director of Therapy and Training, Rheinburg-Klinik, Switzerland

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