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1st September 2016

Volketswil, September 1, 2016 – Hocoma, the world leader of robotic and sensor-based rehabilitation solutions from Switzerland, merged with DIH International, a corporate holding group from Hong Kong with offices in China, Korea, the Netherlands and the US. Hocoma and DIH share the same vision as a full solution provider for the entire rehabilitation continuum.

Two visionaries from different parts of the world – driven by one shared passion: Reinventing the world of rehabilitation with advanced technologies and improving the lives of patients around the world.

Now that Dr. Gery Colombo, CEO of Hocoma, and Jason Chen, CEO of DIH International, have found each other, they can work together to make their big dream come true.

DIH International focuses on rehabilitation solutions and medication management by connecting the most innovative people with the most intelligent technologies. After merging with leading players to revolutionize the medication management business, the growing industry of rehabilitation solutions is the next big chapter of DIH’s success story. DIH already merged with the Dutch companies Motekforce Link, a global leader in virtual rehabilitation, and FysioRoadmap MRS, a leader in web-based clinical programs and data integration. Now, the world leader in robotic and sensor-based rehabilitation solutions, Hocoma, joins the DIH family and takes over an important role within DIH’s growth strategy.

“For Hocoma, this is the next big step into the future,” said Colombo. “Together we are stronger, because we can align synergistically our complementary core competencies to set new and better standards for advanced rehabilitation solutions worldwide.”

But this merger will not only benefit the companies in the group. It will also strengthen Zurich as a world leading hub of rehabilitation technology to finally meet the increasing market needs of clinicians and patients worldwide.

Colombo continued: “Due to an aging society, the rehabilitation market is one of the biggest growth markets in the health industry. Now, we can offer clinicians the best solutions for their patients – as a holistic, full service provider of the entire rehabilitation continuum.”

Chen, a veteran seasoned by his decades-long global leadership experience at GE and Cardinal Health, is also visibly proud of his newest DIH family member. “We are thrilled about this merger, which not only enables us to establish a global premiership in providing total solutions to customers with cutting edge technologies in robotics, VR, sensing and automation, it also lays out a strategic foundation for DIH to accelerate its mission of global integration and ecosystem building, and speed up its IPO strategy.”

About Hocoma

A successful therapy begins in patients’ heads. In the firm belief that – step by step – they can reach their goals and regain quality of life.

This is what we work for at the Swiss medtech company Hocoma. With technologies and ideas that look at functional movement therapy from a completely different angle. Because they enable independent exercises and create maximum motivation. Because they challenge people to take courage and support their hopes with personal achievements.

We are committed to creating the ideal therapy. Our awarded robotic and sensor-based devices offer solutions for intensive gait therapy (Lokomat®), functional therapy of the upper extremities (Armeo®), robotic mobilization and functional electrical stimulation in early rehabilitation (Erigo®) as well as functional movement therapy within low back pain treatment (Valedo® Therapy Concept) at home and at the clinic. They are the result of intensive research, consistent development and continuous exchange with patients, therapists and partners in research and science.

Those who see to break new grounds need to stay open to exceptional ideas. They have the potential of being exceptionally effective. This guiding principle by Hocoma founder and CEO Dr. Gery Colombo has accompanied us since our start in 2000 and is still lived and implemented by our dedicated employees around the world. At the headquarters in Volketswil near Zurich (Switzerland) and the subsidiaries in the USA, Singapore and Slovenia they achieved a turnover of more than 30 million CHF in 2015.

About DIH International

Founded with a vision to Deliver Inspiration & Health by blending cutting-edge intelligent technologies with game-changing healthcare insights, DIH is building market-leading integrated solutions to revolutionize medication management and rehabilitation through active growth strategies. DIH is backed by nearly a thousand passionate employees in some of the world’s most innovative hubs from Amsterdam in Europe, to Seoul in Korea and Beijing in China.

Through mergers with Motek, Force Link, and FysioRoadmap in the Netherlands, DIH has assembled some of the best innovative technologies, insights and leading brands in virtual reality, rehabilitation and movement science. DIH has become the global leader in the advanced rehab research market, and a regional leader in China and the Netherlands in providing total integrated solutions for neurological, orthopedic and cardiac rehabilitation hospitals and clinics. Similarly, with intensive investment in China and mergers with Cretem in Korea, DIH has become the only firm in the world that provides end-to-end, platform-based intelligent medication solutions to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

Besides having a deep passion for improving human function and performance, DIH is also committed to promoting social wellness and exploring innovative care models for health delivery. DIH has funded Rehab & Rewire Global Foundation to promote clinical research and better access to quality care.

DIH’s aspiration is to become a global leader in intelligent pharmacy and rehab solutions by 2020, and establish integrated drug & exercise therapies models within smart eco-systems that can significantly transform care for billions of patients suffering chronic health problems.