Erigo® - Safe and Early Mobilization in Critical Care

Early Rehabilitation with Robotic Mobilization and Functional Electrical Stimulation

The new Erigo®Pro further improves mobilization of patients with circulatory, neurological, or musculoskeletal conditions by supporting the stimulation of the patient with the integrated Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). The ErigoPro is the ideal addition to acute care early rehabilitation programs and offers further benefits and therapy options in clinical routine.

The Erigo FES
The electrical stimulation is an established method for targeted muscle activation. By adhering electrodes to the skin, nerve endings are stimulated with electricity causing a contraction and activation of muscles that cannot be controlled actively due to a neurological disfunction. Combined with cyclic movement training, the Erigo FES efficiently supports the increase of blood flow in the patient’s lower extremities, which helps to maintain the stroke volume and blood pressure, therefore further improving the orthostatic tolerance during early verticalization (fi g. 1 and 2). It has also been shown that the therapy with the Erigo FES improves the cerebral blood fl ow and the muscle strength in lower extremities. This can specifically support recovery of leg muscle function.

Easy Integration into Clinical Routine
The Erigo FES is fully synchronized with the robotic leg movements. Up to eight FES channels can be operated easily by the therapist via an intuitive user interface on a touchscreen of the Erigo and adjusted according to the patient’s motor abilities.

The ErigoPro is intended for medical purposes such as to increase tolerance to an upright or standing position in patients with circulatory, neurological, or musculoskeletal conditions.

The ErigoPro is also used for:
1. Relaxation of muscle spasms
2. Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy / redevelop muscles
3. Increasing local blood circulation
4. Maintaining or increasing joint range of motion

The ErigoPro is for prescription use only.

The patient’s clothing displayed in this material has been chosen to illustrate and explain the ErigoPro in the most comprehensible way. Please note that the Instructions for Use specify suitable clothing that must be worn by the patient during ErigoPro therapy.

“Erigo FES” describes the module for Functional Electrical Stimulation integrated in the ErigoPro.

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