Erigo® - Accelerate early rehabilitation

Early Rehabilitation with Robotic Mobilization and Functional Electrical Stimulation

In early rehabilitation of neurological patients, a safe mobilization and intensive sensorimotor stimulation are key factors for the therapeutic success. An early activation and stimulation of the patient ensure the optimum utilization of the neuroplasticity and recovery potential. Furthermore, it improves the patient’s communication and cooperation skills and counteracts secondary damage due to immobilization.

The Erigo combines gradual verticalization with cyclic leg movement and loading to ensure the necessary safety for the stabilization of the patient in the upright position. The patient stimulation is additionally enhanced by the synchronized functional electrical stimulation (FES) in the ErigoPro. By providing a safe solution for early mobilization, the Erigo counteracts the negative effects of immobility and accelerates the recovery process with intensive sensorimotor stimulation. It is the first choice therapy device for the early and safe mobilization of severely impaired, bed-ridden patients even in acute care.

The advantages of early rehabilitation with the Erigo:

  • Early and safe mobilization
  • Cardiovascular stabilization
  • Improved orthostatic tolerance using the Erigo FES
  • Increased patient's awareness
  • Reduced time in acute care
  • Excellent clinical usability
Prof. Dr. Leopold Saltuari, Medical Director Department of Neurology, State Hospital Hochzirl, Austria

Unique Training Possibility

«The Erigo offers the unique possibility to train patients with circulatory instability and limited cooperation in a very early phase of their rehabilitation process. The Erigo FES efficiently supports this early treatment by substantially speeding up the acute recovery phase of the patient. I am convinced that the Erigo has a clear beneficial effect in the early remission stages of the brain injured and comatose patients.»

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