Summer of 2003, it was a lovely day in Racine, Wisconsin, on the shore of Lake Michigan. As the weather was perfect for a boat outing, Rob decided to take a dive into the cool water. Unfortunately, the waters were shallow in the area and Rob got seriously injured.

At the nearest hospital, he was diagnosed with a spinal cord injury, which left him almost completely quadriplegic from the chest down.

I remember the doctor at the first hospital I was taken to telling my family and me that there was a 95% chance that I would never walk again.

It took years of the highest quality therapy in hospitals, clinics, including being among the patients treated on the first Lokomat® in the USA, and at home to recover to almost full function.

[With Lokomat®] I had the chance to feel and see myself up and walking again. It was the most emotional and inspirational moment of my life… all the sudden I had hope again. It was the turning point of my recovery and the beginning of my life’s mission.

Inspired by his experience, Rob decided to pursue a career with one of the leading rehabilitation robotic exoskeleton companies in the world, Hocoma, the inventor of the Lokomat. Rob’s involvement in rehabilitation does not stop there, as he gives back to the community through the foundation that he created in 2018.

Watch the trailer today to discover the clinicians who assisted Rob and follow his patient story throughout the coming year.