An Italian story: how robotics could enable 20M€ of savings

The IRCCS Centro Neurolesi “Bonino Pulejo” in Messina, Italy, is pioneering in the European rehabilitation market by creating a Hub and Spoke Model for the wide use of new technologies in neurorehabilitation such as robotics, virtual reality and telerehabilitation. Consisting of Hub establishments in Messina, the network was extended through the opening of secondary hospitals (the spokes) in other provinces of Sicily. With eight hospital units, promising results leverage continuous growth.

Robots and robotic rehabilitative medicine are a success because of both the scientific evidence and the contribution that it has given to researchers and medical operators.

Prof. Placido Bramati, Bonino Pulejo Scientific Director

The migration of patients to other Italian regions and countries, who seek advanced technologies and care, and the consequent expenditure associated with the patient’s movement motivated the project. To address the need for increased access to high-end technologies in neurorehabilitation, “Bonino Pulejo”, with several years of acquired know-how with robotic devices and virtual reality, focused on a large-scale application of its expertise, creating smaller peripheral hospital units – delivering the technology closer to the patient.

Exploiting the availability of diversified technological assets, activities around robotics are extended and applied to research and scientific contribution, thus optimizing the investment needed to stage the most innovative equipment in the market.

Currently totalling 27 DIH devices that cover the upper and lower extremities continuum of care, “Bonino Pulejo” patient attractiveness and positioning as a reference centre in rehabilitation were boosted and showed positive results in expenditure reduction on the very first year of implementation.

To know more about “Bonino Pulejo” unique model implementation and results:

With this paper, you will find out:

  • What is the ”BONINO PULEJO”, its Context and Challenges
  • The Success fundamentals and first Outcomes of the Hub-Spoke Model
  • How the ”BONINO PULEJO” leveraged its knowledge to create a cost-effective diversified robotics application

And access a full video library with patient testimonials and behind the scenes on the several areas of robotics use.