Hocoma, the global market leader in robotic and sensor-based devices for functional movement therapy, today announced that it will partner with FREI AG, a premium manufacturer of medical training therapy (MTT) devices. Frei’s machines enable physical therapists to incorporate safe and effective resistance training into their patients’ sessions.

Together, Hocoma and FREI will develop smart training devices that connect to HocoNet® and Hocoma’s high-quality product portfolio, strengthening the Total Solution in Rehabilitation. “Resistance training is essential to the recovery process,” explained Hocoma CEO Dr. Gery Colombo. “Building muscular strength supports patients in recovering their functional movement.”

By partnering with FREI, Hocoma is expanding into the orthopedic market. “I am completely certain that we have found the right partner for this endeavor,” said Colombo. “FREI has been serving physical therapy practices for over 40 years.” Hocoma’s global distribution network will give FREI access to new sales territories. FREI CEO Hans-Peter Rosenberger added: “Like us, Hocoma puts the patient first. We are very excited to be working together.”