For more than 100 years, Omring is located in the north-western part of the Netherlands, making it their mission to guarantee a patient the best care nearby their home. Today, Omring is one of the Dutch providers of geriatric / elderly healthcare, combined with rehabilitation and therapy treatments.

Since 2017, all residents and ambulant patients with geriatric, neurological or orthopedic limitations can profit from DIH’s innovative technology used at Omring. This innovative technology turns therapy into a fun, motivating, changeable experience, increases patients’ independence and makes their progress measurable.

Omring’s patients can benefit from our DIH solutions like Motek’s C-Mill VR+, MRS devices and Hocoma’s Armeo®Spring and Andago®. The combination of these devices gives Omring the opportunity to train patients at a higher intensity and in a safe environment.

Besides that, FysioRoadmap, an electronic patient software program, ensures the best possible quality standards for all different training goals and indications. FysioRoadmap consists of predefined training protocols and multiple assessments and reporting options to increase effectiveness for clients and therapists.

Omring has over 30 locations in the Netherlands. Omring Lindendael is one of their three locations using the DIH devices and is a center for geriatric healthcare that currently represents the home for 170 residents. Omring continues to distinguish itself as an innovative and progressive organization, while providing advanced technology solutions for patients and health care professionals.

Patient success story*

(*Content provided by Omring Lindendael Netherlands Physiotherapy team.)

One of those patients is Mr. H., a 68-year-old, active sailor and sailing instructor. After a cerebral hemorrhage causing hemiparesis, he was admitted to Omring’s geriatric rehab department.

When he started his rehabilitation, he had been able to stand only with the intense help of another person and had the aim to eventually be able to walk again without assistance on the waterfront or even to go sailing one day again. A huge challenge, of course, which his physiotherapist was willing to accept!

At Omring, they started Mr. H.’s therapy using the C-Mill VR+. Initially, in a standing position, in order to train body weight shifting left and right, and balance when standing. The next step was to extend the training to walking. The gait of Mr. H. was very asymmetrical. By using one of the applications of C-Mill VR+, the steppingstones which focuses on gaining a symmetrical gait pattern, the goal was to make the gait more symmetrical, with awesome results.

  • After a 4 month inpatient period, Mr. H. returned home. At that time, he walked independently indoors with the help of a four-legged walking aid. In the meanwhile, he kept his goal of being able to walk out at the waterfront, unaided.
  • The C-mill VR+ training was continued under the supervision of the physiotherapist. First in an ambulatory setting, afterwards in an outpatient setting.
  • During the treatment period, the training was built up in intensity (by increasing speed and by extending the training time) and in difficulty (from static to dynamic balance, tracks from level ‘easy’ to ‘hard’, etc.).

During the entire treatment period, Mr. H. recovered so much that he was able to walk outside safely and independently without any walking aids before his 69th birthday. If you like to see him now, you will find him walking at the waterfront almost every day. And even better, he will soon be back on the water as a passenger on a sailing yacht. Perhaps, this may develop further into actively participating in the sailing process.

Because Mr. H. continues to progress and has “rediscovered” the pleasure and necessity of maintaining a good condition and muscle strength, he has set himself a new goal that he also wants to be able to run short distances. Omring supports his goal and adapted his gait therapy on the C-mill VR+. And guess what: Mr. H. is already making progress!

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