The Andago is a mobile robot for body-weight supported gait training that allows upright, hands-free walking without spatial limitations. It bridges the gap between treadmill-based gait training and free walking, and offers a safe and functional training environment.
The first Andago in the United States so far is one of the 17 medical robots installed at MossRehab, the largest user of medical robotics in the country.

“The Andago offers flexibility and ease of use and I like its versatility, which should allow us to optimally prepare our patients for the wide variety of environments and challenges they need to master in everyday activities,” MossRehab’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Alberto Esquenazi, says about the main advantages of the Andago.

Dr. Esquenazi points out that it will enable patients who have had a stroke or a traumatic brain injury to move more quickly from supported or assisted gait to unsupported walking. It also enables one therapist to work with a patient instead of the two or three therapists who are required with other techniques.

The Andago can now officially roll into the European and US markets.