Valedo®Shape - Features & Functions

The Main Features of the Valedo®Shape

Precise Assessment of the Spine

The ValedoShape offers excellent reliability and a high degree of data validity when compared to X-ray images. The changes and progress made during the course of treatment become apparent and provide the basis for a suitable therapy planning.

3D Visualization of Spinal Shape and Mobility

The assessment includes the sagittal and frontal plane of the spine and visualizes the results in demonstrative and descriptive 3D graphics. The visualization is easy to understand and supports the therapist's communication with the patient.

Monitoring of Therapy Progress

The ValedoShape records data in a patient-friendly and non- invasive way without using any radiation or other invasive procedures. The automatically stored documentation and comparison with normative data enable an objective analysis of the patient's therapy progress.

Support in Therapy Planning

The possibility of regular assessments and the objective analysis of the therapy progress provide a basis for clinical decision making. The therapist has all the necessary data available and can thus derive an individual and meaningful course of therapy. Any further therapy can be specifically tailored according to the patient's needs and progress.

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