spinal Analysis

Valedo®Shape - Spinal Analysis

The ValedoShape is a non-invasive assessment device for providing an accurate analysis of the spine. It documents the therapy progress rapidly and precisely, which is crucial for deciding on a suitable and efficient course of therapy.

How it works

A professional assessment before, during and after treatment is necessary for providing the basis for a suitable and efficient therapy planning. The ValedoShape offers an easy and reliable way to determine the mobility of each individual spinal segment. When guided along the spinal column, it automatically adjusts itself to the contours of the back and transfers the data to the software that visualizes the spinal shape.

The advantages of Valedo®Shape

  • Precise Assessment of the Spine
  • 3D Visualization of Spinal Shape and Mobility
  • Monitoring of Therapy Progress
  • Individual and Relevant Treatment Planning
Reporting with the ValedoShape
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