Valedo®Motion - Features & Functions

The Main Features of the Valedo®Motion

Clinical Assessment and Reporting

The movements recorded by the ValedoMotion and the quantitative assessments of movement dysfunction provide a better insight into patient’s physical complaints. Based on this information about movement quality and performance, the therapist can tailor the course of therapy to each patient individually. Precise and repeatable measurements enable an objective analysis and documentation of the patient’s therapy progress in a standardized way.

Customized Therapy Plans

With the ValedoMotion, the therapist can create individual therapy plans with relevant assessments and exercises depending on the patient’s needs and abilities. The individual range of motion, difficulty levels and other parameters can be easily adapted for a most effective therapy.

Accurate Real-Time Feedback

The ValedoMotion gives the patient and therapist immediate and constant feedback on movements performed by the patient. This visualization helps the therapist educate correct movements and thus improve the patient’s movement awareness.

Motivating Exercises

The ValedoMotion offers a wide range of motivating therapeutic exercises with Augmented Performance Feedback. Patients are motivated to practice goal-oriented movements in a game-like environment, which improves the intensity of the therapy. The exercises are designed for specific therapeutic goals, such as stabilization, mobilization and movement awareness. They can be carried out in different training positions – such as standing, sitting, four-point kneeling or plank position – and can be combined with additional training equipment. The ValedoMotion exercises support step-by-step learning from simple to complex movements.

Treat More Patients

Depending on the patient’s needs and abilities, the therapist can use the ValedoMotion one-to-one or as a self-guided course of therapy after providing the necessary training to the patient. The ValedoMotion thus increases therapy efficiency by giving the therapist the option of supervising more than one patient at a time and optimizing the application of their clinical know-how and expertise.

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