Valedo®Motion 2.0

Motivating Therapy at the clinic 

Valedo®Motion 2.0 - Motivating Therapy at the Clinic

The ValedoMotion enhances back therapy using innovative sensor technology. It assists therapists in improving their patients' motor control and movement awareness. The ValedoMotion is developed with leading clinical partners and validated by research.

How it Works

Wireless sensors attached to the patient's skin transfer even the smallest movements of the trunk and pelvis into a motivating game-like environment. The visualization of movements in real-time provides excellent feedback to patients and therapists and supports the education of correct movement patterns.

The exercises of the Augmented Performance Feedback were designed to train specific therapeutic goals such as stabilization, mobilization and movement awareness. To always ensure a challenging and efficient training, they can be adjusted to the patient's current needs and abilities.

The ValedoMotion software captures the patient's movements and training activity and provides documentation about the therapy progress. With this documentation, therapists can tailor the therapy to each patient individually and plan future therapeutic measures according to the patient's personal progress. Therapy with the ValedoMotion is therefore suitable for a wide range of patients. It includes non-specific back pain as well as general muscular deficits of the trunk, malalignment of the spine (e.g. kyphosis, scoliosis) or neurological conditions such as stroke, Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease.

Clinical Background

The ValedoMotion was developed in collaboration with the team led by Prof. Dr. Jan Kool at Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur, Switzerland. The product development builds on close cooperation with leading clinics and hospitals worldwide and is based on current results in medical research.

The advantages of Valedo®Motion:

  • Clinical Assessments and Reporting
  • Customized Therapy Plans
  • Accurate Real-Time Feedback
  • Motivating Exercises
  • Treat More Patients
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