back pain therapy with the Valedo® THERAPY Concept


The ValedoShape, ValedoMotion and Valedo are complementary products for a healthy back and offer a continuous solution from spine assessment to therapy in the clinic and at home. The Valedo Therapy Concept is the ideal addition to back pain treatment, offering clinical assessments and functional exercise training.

Advantages for Therapists

Therapists appreciate the effective therapy concept that runs from assessment to treatment. The clinical assessments and automated reporting enable them to objectively track and document the progress of the therapy while the improved teaching functionality helps to educate correct movements. Furthermore, the concept offers tools to track and monitor the patient's therapy compliance at home. With the modern and motivating Valedo Therapy Concept, therapists can attract and treat more patients and create new business opportunities.

Advantages for Patients

The Valedo Therapy Concept supports patients in reaching their therapy goals by increasing their motivation and compliance with the therapy. The engaging therapeutic environment encourages and motivates patients to achieve a higher number of repetitions while ensuring correct and safe movements. By training the movements more frequently and with a higher intensity, patients can actively maximize their therapy potential. Visualizing and documenting the therapy progress helps them understand the therapy goals, thereby improving their compliance and motivation.

PhysioNetics, Naples FL

The Valedo Therapy Concept in Clinical Routine

«Incorporation of the ValedoShape and ValedoMotion into our spinal rehabilitation program has allowed us to not only differentiate ourselves from our competitors, but also improve our patient outcomes. The ability to gain immediate insight into a patient’s posture, spinal shape, and segmental mobility during the evaluation with the ValedoShape is priceless. The objective data assists our therapists with setting up the patient plan of care while monitoring progress. Additionally, The ValedoMotion has made neuromuscular training and re-education of the lumbar spine more effective and fun.  Patients find the real life feedback beneficial during functional movements and our therapists have noticed greater carryover of postural stabilization after the utilization of this device.»


Niki Varveris, PT, DPT, MSPT, MBA Owner




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