FreeD Module

Available as a module for the LokomatPro, FreeD improves the therapy by allowing for lateral translation and transverse rotation of the pelvis (fig. 1). While training, patients can shift their weight completely over their stance leg and thereby activate their core muscles and experience balance aspects. This is crucial for relearning to walk independently. The passively guided hip abduction and adduction as well as the driven lateral translation of body weight support are fully synchronized with pelvis movements and the movement of the orthoses.

Fig. 1: Adjustable lateral translation of up to 4 cm (left) and transverse rotation of the pelvis of up to 4° (right) to each side during walking (center).
Stroke patient during training with the LokomatPro with FreeD, LKH Hochzirl, Austria
The new FreeD module allowing for lateral and rotational movements of the pelvis, LKH Hochzirl, Austria

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