Lokomat®Nanos - Features & Functions

Features & Functions

The LokomatNanos consists of the robotic gait orthosis, the body weight support system Levi and a flat-belt treadmill. The patient’s legs are guided on the treadmill according to a pre-programmed physiological gait pattern. The computer controlled guidance allows individual adjustments of different gait parameters.


Automated locomotion therapy on a treadmill
The LokomatNanos utilizes high quality computer controlled motors (drives) which are integrated in the gait orthosis at each hip and knee joint. The drives are precisely synchronized with the speed of the treadmill. This sensitive system assures a precise match between the speed of the gait orthosis and the treadmill.

Physiological gait pattern
Hip and knee joint angles are controlled in real time by software to achieve a physiologically meaningful gait pattern. Each of the four joints is constantly monitored by the LokomatNanos’ software to ensure that they are precisely held to the predefined gait pattern.

Individual adjustments for patients comfort
The LokomatNanos robotic gait orthosis is adjustable to the patient’s anatomy. Hip width, length of upper and lower leg, size and position of the leg cuffs can be conveniently and individually adjusted assuring a comfortable gait training.

Convenient handling
A user interface allows the therapist to easily operate the LokomatNanos and adjust training parameters on a touch screen to suit the individual patient’s needs at any point during a training session. Patients in a wheelchair can be escorted on a ramp onto the treadmill and can be easily set up in the LokomatNanos.

Body weight support
The LokomatNanos includes the Levi, a body weight support system with superior functionalities and patient unloading possibilities. It facilitates patient handling and optimizes physiological gait training.

  • Promotes a more physiological gait through its new dynamic, low inertia suspension system which allows a precise unloading and a more physiological vertical movement of the patient
  • Continuously adjustable body weight support
  • Easy to operate: Automated patient lifting and unloading facilitates set-up and training

Orthopedic Storage
The Lokomat portfolio provides two orthopedic storage solutions, which allow ergonomic handling of the orthopedic material and faster training preparation. The orthopedic storage is an optional accessory to the Lokomat and is available for the LokomatNanos and the LokomatPro.

    The Orthopedic Storage offers the following advantages:
  • Safe and easy storage
  • Easier training preparation
  • Faster patient set-up
  • More ergonomical handling of orthopedic material and orthoses

Orthopedic Storage Flyer

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