Manovo®Spring - Features & Functions

Features & Functions

Simultaneous Arm and Hand Therapy
The combination of the ManovoSpring with the ArmeoSpring is the only solution for repetitive, self-initiated reach and grasp training with the Arm Weight Support in a large 3D workspace. It simultaneously incorporates the entire arm and hand, from the shoulder to the fingers. This integration of the complete movement chain into the therapy allows for most efficient and functional rehabilitation training.

Physiological Hand Movement Support
The adjustable spring mechanism of the ManovoSpring was specifically designed to counteract the high tone of the flexor muscles and the weakness of the extensor muscles. In each stage of hand opening it brings in a physiologic amount of force needed to open the hand while coupling finger and thumb movements. Thereby, also patients who show only limited active movement in their fingers can participate in intense, repetitive movement exercises.

Augmented Performance Feedback
An extensive library of motivating, game-like exercises has been designed to train activities of daily living. Immediate performance feedback helps patients to improve their motor abilities, leading to more independence in daily routine and therefore better quality of life. In combination with the ArmeoSpring, the ManovoSpring facilitates reach and retrieval training with the Augmented Performance Feedback and captures the patient’s active hand movements.

Part of the Armeo Therapy Concept
The ManovoSpring is part of the modular Armeo Therapy Concept, the world’s first upper extremity concept that covers the whole “Continuum of Rehabilitation” with one software platform throughout a range of devices, each developed for a specific stage of rehabilitation - from early to later stages of rehabilitation. The ManovoSpring can be easily connected to the ArmeoSpring by a therapist or swapped for left or right hand use. Sharing the same software, the ManovoSpring and the ArmeoSpring make it easy to individually adapt the training to the patient’s needs and abilities.

Scientific Results
The development of the ManovoSpring has been performed in close collaboration with research partners. In pilot trials with the research prototypes of the ManovoSpring (HandSOME device) stroke patients showed a large increase in range of motion in opening and closing of the hand (see graph) as well as an increased ability for functional grasping of objects. The ManovoSpring enables repetitive training of functional hand movements. Repetitive training is known to be efficient in restoration of movement and motor function.

Increased Range of Motion of the fingers with the prototype of the ManovoSpring (HandSOME). Figure by Brokaw et al. 2011.
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