Manovo®Spring - Hand Module for the Armeo®Spring

Repetitive training of functional movements is known to be efficient in restoring motor function. The ManovoSpring was specifically designed for the training of grasping and releasing movements in patients with impaired hand functions following strokes, traumatic brain injuries or other neurological disorders. In combination with the ArmeoSpring, the ManovoSpring allows even severely impaired patients to practice reach and retrieval movements in a large 3D workspace. The ManovoSpring is based on the HandSOME technology developed at the Catholic University of America and National Rehabilitation Hospital of Washington DC, USA by Prof. P. Lum and E. Brokaw.

Advantages of the Armeo®Spring therapy with the Manovo®Spring

  • Simultaneous therapy of the complete movement chain from the shoulder to the fingers
  • Adjustable support for opening of the hand with a physiological coupling of finger and thumb movements
  • Captures the patient’s active hand movements and facilitates reach and retrieval training with the Augmented Performance Feedback
  • Part of the unique and modular Armeo Therapy Concept

The availability of the ManovoSpring depends on national registration procedures.

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