Armeo®Spring Pediatric - Functional Arm and Hand Therapy for Children

The ArmeoSpring Pediatric is specifically designed for and adapted to the needs of children with movement impairments in their arms and hands resulting from neurological conditions. It is a valuable tool to improve therapy by facilitating intensive and functional movement exercises supported by motivating, game like tasks as a basis for best possible therapy outcome.

Key Facts

  • The ArmeoSpring Pediatric is based on the Hocoma product ArmeoSpring.
  • The length of the orthosis and the amount of Arm Weight Support can be adjusted to children in the age group of about 4-12 years.
  • As the rest of the products from the Armeo Therapy Concept, the ArmeoSpring Pediatric includes Augmented Performance Feedback and Assessment Tools to encourage and motivate patients.

Clinical Benefits

    The ArmeoSpring Pediatric provides the following clinical benefits:
  • Motivating and entertaining arm and hand therapy for children
  • Reveals any remaining motor function
  • Even moderately to severely impaired children can benefit from highly intensive, repetitive, self-initiated movement therapy
  • The workspace is adjustable to the patients’ capabilities
  • Optimum integration of arm, hand and wrist brings the whole movement chain into the therapy

“IU Health Neurorehabilitation and Robotics is proud to currently be the only facility in Indiana to offer treatment with Hocoma technology, including the LokomatPro with Pediatric Orthoses and the ArmeoSpring Pediatric. We have found these systems to be very valuable in marketing our program and providing innovative care to patients treated in our clinic.”

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