Armeo®Boom - Features & Functions


Features & Functions

Arm Weight Support
The ArmeoBoom has an overhead sling suspension system with low inertia to provide an adjustable amount of arm weight support and allow patients to perform self-directed, free movement exercises of the impaired arm in a large 3D workspace. The system is lightweight and compact, easy to transport and to stow away, and quick and simple to set up.

Assessment Tools
The integrated Armeo software supplies accurate assessments through the options A-MOVE and A-GOAL.

Augmented Performance Feedback
Once adjusted, the ArmeoBoom can be operated easily by the patient and the Armeo software contains the same extensive library of game-like exercises utilized by the other products in the Armeo Therapy Concept. For the ArmeoBoom, the reach and retrieval exercises have an adjustable workspace and the patient can select horizontal or frontal movement planes or 3D movements.

Scientific results
Arm Weight Support facilitates active arm movement without impairing motor control or changing coordination patterns. It may therefore be a valuable way of increasing the intensity of training for mildly to moderately impaired patients. (Prange et al., 2009)

Clinical benefits

    Clinical evaluation of self-directed movement therapy in a group of chronic stroke patients, utilizing the ArmeoBoom with its overhead sling-based arm weight support, resulted in:
  • significant improvement of the active range of motion (Stienen A. H., 2009)
  • improved motor ability (Prange et al., 2009)

Comparison of Armeo® Products

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