Intensify your therapy

Update your Armeo Software now

  • Connects all Armeo devices in the hospital; shared patient database and integrated reporting.
  • Enables patients to easily train on the weekends and during after-hours.
  • New intuitive reports which can be printed and shared electronically.
  • Supports even better and faster remote support.

Update to Armeocontrol v2.2 now!

The new Armeo Software was specifically designed to facilitate the following therapy scenarios:

Armeo Parallel Therapy

Multiplies therapy output by enabling each therapist to supervise more patients at once.

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Armeo Extra Time

Empowers patients to get extra training during their idle time, for example during weekends.

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Currently compatible with ArmeoPower, ArmeoSpring, ArmeoSpring Pediatric, requires Armeocontrol v2.0.1.

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