Augmented performance Feedback

Augmented Performance Feedback

The Augmented Performance Feedback increases the patient’s active effort with motivating game-like exercises. The large library of exercises has been developed together with leading hospitals and clinics specifically for neurological patients.

    Goal-oriented movements in motivating game-like environments
  • Immediate motivation and performance reward.
  • Long term motivation due to increasingly challenging and diverse game levels.
    Covers therapeutic goals for all patients from severe to moderately affected
  • Train range of motion, movement coordination, grasping function as well as strength, endurance and cognitive functions.
  • 1D exercises with single-joint movements for severely affected patients.
  • 2D and 3D exercises with complex movements for moderately affected patients.
    Exercises can be easily adapted to each patient’s needs
  • Difficulty (motor abilities)
  • Visual details (cognitive abilities)
Diving Exercise
Roll the Ball Exercise
Hocoma - we move you