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Valedo® Therapy Concept

The Valedo Therapy Concept combines three distinct products:

  • The ValedoMotion enhances the low back pain therapy with functional motivating exercises specifically designed for low back pain therapy.
  • The ValedoShape support the diagnostic of low back pain with an exact and non-invasive assessment tool for spinal shape and mobility.
  • The Valedo is an ideal and reliable tool for enhancing the treatment of patients at home.

“I feel that the Valedo®Motion has reconnected me with my body” - Kelly's Story

Since the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, Kelly Richardson experienced increasing muscle fatigue and weakness. This impacted his gait and posture resulting in back and hip pain as well as decreased mobility in the low back. Multiple Sclerosis caused Kelly to give up his job three years ago, but it hasn’t dampened his zest for life. After all, he has a two-year-old to keep up with.

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"Lack of compliance is a big problem in low back pain therapy. Our first clinical experiences showed that the therapy with Valedo is fun and motivating. With the exercises, the patient easily forgets the time, which leads to a higher number of repetitions and an improved compliance."

Hannu Luomajoki, PhD
Head of Continuing Education, Institute of Physiotherapy, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

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