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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dutch rehabilitation technology brand Motek has released a new video depicting the emotional rehabilitation journey of a sportsman after losing his leg in a motorcycle accident.

The video centers around Mike Jones, aged 53, and was made in conjunction with Motek and Summit Medical and Scientific – one of the UK’s leading rehabilitation device distributors.

The video takes the viewer through the journey of Mike, who suffers a motorcycle crash that changed his life and career path all in an instant. In the video, shot in his home of Cwmbran in South Wales, he talks about the psychological and physical battles fought after his accident to find the drive and will to recover. Eventually, it was thanks to the motivation and challenge found on the C-Mill device from Motek that gamified his rehabilitation, that Mike’s journey began to turn around leading once again into the world of competitive golf.

Says Mike: “I remember my first day at the Morrello Clinic for the start of my rehabilitation. I was scared, nervous, lacking in confidence and in a very weak state of mind. My journey started slowly and my progress was minimal and apprehensive – but then everything changed when I was asked to try the C-Mill. It was an instant connection between myself and the machine.

My improvement from then on was exponential. Within weeks I walked into physio with confidence and purpose. It changed my outlook and took me in a fabulous new direction – it gave me my life back and I’ll never forget that.”

“We believe that the C-Mill treadmill is the future of rehabilitation,” Sara Brammall, Managing Director at Summit Medical and Scientific.

“Using virtual reality, augmented reality and powerful force plate technology, the C-Mill fulfills the 5 recommendations included in clinical guidelines for gait and balance therapy: Start early, train often, train with variety, practice day-to-day tasks, and monitor progress. 

This is what empowers patients like Mike to make such significant progress along their road towards full recovery, and we are proud to have been a part of his journey. He’s made such fantastic progress and we’re delighted to have made such a big difference to his life.”

The video of Mike’s story was made with the hope to inspire others going through similar rehabilitation to find that right motivation, whatever it may be, that helps them push on to where they want to be – and the life they want to have.

Motek, alongside sister company Hocoma, are part of the DIH family of companies advancing medical technologies around the world.

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Originally published on 1.7.2019

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