The Swiss-based medical technology company Hocoma extends its Armeo Therapy Concept with the addon module ManovoSpring. With its adjustable hand opening support, the module assists neurological patients with impaired hand functions in efficiently practicing functional hand movements and in relearning activities of daily living. In combination with the ArmeoSpring, the module allows patients to practice reach and retrieval movements in a large 3D workspace. The simultaneous therapy of the complete movement chain from the shoulder to the fingers makes for most efficient functional rehabilitation training.

To regain motor functions needed to perform everyday activities, grasp and release exercises play an important role in rehabilitation training. In order to assist neurological patients with impaired hand functions caused by strokes, traumatic brain injuries or other neurological disorders, Hocoma complements its upper extremity therapy concept with the add-on module ManovoSpring for its rehabilitative exercise device ArmeoSpring.

Repetitive training of functional hand movements

The ManovoSpring offers adjustable support for opening of the hand, thus making it ideal also for patients showing only limited active movement in their hand and fingers to practice intensive, repetitive grasping and releasing movement exercises1. The adjustable spring mechanism of the module helps counteract the high tone of the flexor muscles and the weakness of the extensor muscles. At each stage of hand opening it provides the physiological amount of force needed to open the hand while coupling finger and thumb movements.

Dr. Gery Colombo, CEO of Hocoma: “The ManovoSpring opens up new possibilities for neurological patients with impaired hand and grasping functions, because it enables them to train functional hand movements which would not be possible without the hand opening support provided.”

The ManovoSpring is based on the HandSOME technology developed at the Catholic University of America and National Rehabilitation Hospital of Washington DC, USA by Prof. P. Lum and E. Brokaw. The results in pilot trials with research prototypes revealed that stroke patients showed a high increase in range of motion in opening and closing the hand as well as an increased ability to grasp objects1.

Simultaneous arm and hand therapy in virtual reality environment

Therapists can easily connect the module to the ArmeoSpring and swap it for left or right hand use. Combined, these devices facilitate the unique repetitive and self-initiated reach and retrieval training with Arm Weight Support and Augmented Performance Feedback in a large 3D workspace, simultaneously integrating the complete movement chain from the shoulder to the fingers into therapy. Besides the positive therapy effects, the devices of the Armeo product family improve therapy efficiency by reducing the therapist’s physical effort and need for constant therapeutic guidance.

Depending on national registration procedures and regulations, the module is now available for ArmeoSpring customers.