Efficient, transparent, measurable

HocoNet® is a software platform that seamlessly connects to Hocoma and partner devices and to existing hospital information systems. By pooling patient, treatment, and device data on one intuitive dashboard, therapists quickly gain an in-depth understanding of their patients’ unique profiles. This greatly reduces time spent on administrative tasks, especially when treating multiple patients at a time. Clinic and hospital managers, on the other hand, obtain a clear overview of how their connected devices are being used. This helps them to ensure that all devices are working to full capacity.

Only the beginning

In the near future, Hocoma will be releasing a wide range of modules for HocoNet®. Some will help clinics and hospitals provide high-quality, patient-centered care, automate repetitive tasks, or improve their patients’ experience. Others will enable them to generate recurring revenue streams and grow their businesses. “Expect to completely revolutionize the way you run your clinic,” said Hocoma CEO Dr. Gery Colombo.