The global world leader in functional movement therapy will open up new perspectives in functional gait therapy with dynamic body weight support. Its new innovation Andago will bridge the gap between treadmill-based gait training and free walking while offering a safe and functional environment for patients.

The 2015 AAPM&R Annual Assembly will take place from October 1-3 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA. With approximately 2,300 physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians (PM&R) participating, the annual Assembly and Technical Exhibition is the largest gathering of PM&R physicians in the US. It’s no surprise that Hocoma will use this important conference to give a first preview of its latest innovation Andago.

“We are really proud to show the world this revolutionary device.” says Frank Menzler, Executive Vice President of Hocoma USA. “Andago will define a new category in mobile overground gait training as it reduces the limitations of existing devices in the market.”

Developed and extensively tested for usability within Hocoma’s unique network of medical experts and end users, Andago was created with a focus on primary clinical needs in a customer-centric way.

Physiological Training: Walk Naturally and with Confidence
The dynamic body-weight support and the mobile robot platform of Andago will enable a physiological, upright posture during training. Patients will train hands-free and concentrate on walking while the Andago will follow them intuitively for a safe and unhindered training.

Versatile Training with High Mobility: Choose Your Own Path
The compact dimensions of Andago will allow for a versatile training that will support step training and offer high mobility. Patients will be able to move from room to room in a self-directed way as an ideal preparation for everyday life.

Seamless Clinical Integration: Use Straight Out Of the Box
Andago will require no installation or building modification. Its intuitive workflow will allow for a quick and easy therapy start and a simple integration into clinical routine.

Confident Focus on Walking: Reach Your Goals Safely
Fall protection and intuitive patient-following will ensure a safe training for patient and therapist at all times. The patient will train confidently while the therapist will be able to focus on an optimally challenging therapy. The therapist will be able to adjust the intensity and challenge for the patient by selecting different training modes.

Objective Training Documentation: Share Your Success
The display of key training results and an easy export of data via USB will enable a thorough documentation of training progress for clinical decision making as well as for health insurance providers.

“We expect that Andago will be available for sale in the USA as of February 2016, but we invite all PM&R physicians to see and experience this product in October.” said Menzler. “The FDA medical device listing is pending currently.”

This expectation is supported by feedback of leading clinicians, as Dr. Alberto Esquenazi, chair of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at MossRehab points out: To facilitate the progression from highly intensive Lokomat robot-aided gait training to training over-ground for best skill transfer to daily life, we need tools that are extremely flexible. The Andago offers that flexibility and ease of use and I like its versatility, which should allow us to optimally prepare our patients for the wide variety of environments and challenges they need to master in everyday activities.”