In late August, the German outpatient therapy center Ambulanticum Herdecke expanded its portfolio with a C-Mill VR+. The C-Mill VR+ is a treadmill that employs augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to help patients with gait and balance impairments relearn to walk in a safe and controlled environment.

With Hocoma’s Lokomat® and several other devices already in place, the Ambulanticum Herdecke is one of the most advanced outpatient therapy centers in the world. Its latest addition means that the facility will now be able to offer patients that have “outgrown” the Lokomat® continuing therapy: Using the C-Mill VR+, these patients will improve their balance and learn to master complex situations such as walking on stepping stones or avoiding obstacles. “With the addition of the C-Mill VR+, we can improve geriatric and orthopedic patients’ lives even further”, said founder Dr. Bernd Krahl.

Last Saturday, six therapists at the Ambulanticum Herdecke completed their training and received their official C-Mill VR+ instructor certification. They will start treating patients on the new device immediately. “We are proud to be serving patients in Germany”, said Hocoma CEO Gery Colombo. “The Ambulanticum Herdecke is the first facility in the country to install the C-Mill VR+ and I am confident that it will help many of their patients to improve their gait pattern and thus their quality of life.”