In the course of 2019, Hocoma Development was elected for an Award from the EU-Horizon2020-funded COVR project, to work on Safe Force Interaction for Rehabilitation Robotics (SAFIRE).

The COVR award consisted of a grant to work on this topic, and the possibility to collaborate with the consortium. Over the last half year we have worked mainly with COVR member Roessingh Research and Development, the Netherlands, in analyzing and implementing safety for high-performance control of interaction forces between robot and patient during neurorehabilitation.

This topic became especially relevant in the light of the publication of a new safety standard in this field (IEC 80601-2-78) covering the safety of Rehabilitation Robots in particular. We have been able to formulate a strategy on how to use this standard to reconsider and improve safety and compliance of our current and future robots and to conceive new features to maintain safety in high performance control.

We thank the COVR partners for the collaboration, their financial and expert support and guidance to our work, which will contribute to maintaining the high level of safety of all our products, now and in the future.

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