“We are very excited to officially put the ArmeoSenso on the market,” said Hocoma CEO Dr. Gery Colombo. “I am convinced that our new device will offer patients with arm and hand impairments a very versatile and affordable rehabilitation solution to improve their abilities. These benefits will make all the time and effort our team invested in developing the ArmeoSenso and acquiring the different registrations and certifications worthwhile.”

The ArmeoSenso comprises three sensors –two for the arm and one for the chest–, a hand module, and a software program with game-like exercises that provide highly intensive yet motivating therapy. Optionally, the ArmeoSenso can be ordered with the SaeboMAS mini, a table-mounted system for patients who cannot fully support the weight of their arm on their own. “We partnered with Saebo in July 2017,” Colombo added. “Together, we plan to develop further solutions that complement each other as perfectly as the SaeboMAS mini and the ArmeoSenso.”

Hocoma is accepting orders for the ArmeoSenso. Shipping costs and delivery times depend on the region in which the order was placed. Prospective buyers should consult the account manager for their region for details.