Swiss medical technology company expands market leadership in robotic rehabilitation. The medical technology company Hocoma based in Volketswil, Switzerland, reports positive results in the fiscal year 2012. Despite a difficult global economic environment, the Swiss based company was able to present an excellent financial performance and a positive result in all group segments.

Hocoma, the Swiss based medical technology company reported a positive development in the fiscal year 2012 and achieved profitable results in all business ventures of the Hocoma Group. As a result of the strong financial performance and the upward-trend in the field of robotic rehabilitation, Hocoma generated a turnover of CHF 30.9 million in 2012 and therefore increased its results by 13% compared to the previous business year. The main revenue of the company was generated in Europe with a share of 52%. The percentage in America (North, South and Central) adds up to 32%. In Asia and the rest of the world 16% of revenue was generated.

Global market presence with subsidiaries in USA, Singapore and new in Slovenia

Since its foundation in 2000, Hocoma is operating worldwide and is continuously working on the expansion of its global market development. In addition to the already existing subsidiaries in Singapore and USA, a third subsidiary was set up in Slovenia and ensures an ideal support for local customers. With more than 40 distribution partners, Hocoma is represented in 62 countries with more than 1.300 devices today.

Successful financing round

With its broad product portfolio, Hocoma is leading in the field of robotic rehabilitation of the upper and lower extremities. To maintain and strengthen this leadership, a larger financing round, intended to pursue Hocoma’s growth strategy, could be closed recently. The main focus of the strategy is the expansion of the global distribution network for a targeted market penetration as well as the further development of an innovative and sophisticated product portfolio. As a pioneer in neurorehabilitation Hocoma works closely with leading clinics and research centers and has made its mark in the field. In the context of the strategic orientation, Hocoma is going to continue the stronger integration of the clinic market and rounds off its functional therapy concepts with solutions for lower back therapy.

Worldwide trend towards automated rehabilitation promises enormous growth potential

More and more rehabilitation facilities use automated rehabilitation technology and set up specialized centers for an ideal treatment of patients. This trend towards a rehabilitation with state-of-the-art technologies, such as robotics or Augmented Performance Feedback, has an enormous potential for growth in the health market, that Hocoma wants to use for its advantage. Dr. Gery Colombo, CEO of Hocoma, is very optimistic about the future: “Supported by the trend towards automated rehabilitation we are convinced that the market holds a lot of potential. With our carefully developed solutions Hocoma will continue to have a significant value in the field of rehabilitation.”