“If you are handicaped, you will see that this is the most important thing in life…how you FEEL about things”. These are words from Armin, an outpatient at Rehakilnik Zihlschlacht in Switzerland. He often mentions feelings and emotions when talking about his SCI rehabilitation process, an example of what motivated Hocoma in the development phase of the Lokomat Pro Sensation.

The focus was to bring more motivation and engagement in the lower extremities training sessions, looking to the patient interaction as a priority and bringing to reality the team work between a device and a physiotherapist.

With the LokomatPro Sensation, the therapy plan can be created more individually than ever, truly customized to different patient needs and interests. The therapists and patients benefit from an extended library with more options inside the different therapeutic goals in order to provide a continuous motivating and engaging intensive gait training.

Robots might not have feelings, but they can bring lots of sensations to patients and this is something only humans can enable, by creating this connection between technology and therapy goals. That’s what the Hocoma Product Management and Development teams did.

The new LokomatPro Sensation provides new therapy options such as:

  • Intelligent algorithms which create maximum challenge and allow patients to feel their performance;
  • Music that is synced with therapy and boosts motivation and engagement;
  • Personalized training to see results and progression in various exercises.

We have presented all the LokomatPro Sensation features and answered the audience’s questions in a webinar.