RehabWeek is back in July to bring together different conferences in the field of rehabilitation technology. The event will take place from July 25th to 29th in the beautiful city of Rotterdam, in The Netherlands. Rotterdam’s story, the bombardment and reconstruction led to a particularly strong drive to innovate among the locals, making it the perfect place for our community to meet!

RehabWeek is a week-long event that brings together the rehabilitation technology community and the right place to foster cross-disciplinary communication and the development of relationships between different players. It is a well-established biennial conference and in 2019, six societies and more than 1,400 delegates from all over the world joined the event in Toronto. This time, 8 societies will be part of RehabWeek 2022 and DIH, represented by Motek and Hocoma, is glad to join the program.

Have a look and join us!

DIH is running 3 workshops at Rehabweek on Monday, 25th of July:

Translational Research using Advanced Rehabilitation Technologies

Organizer: Frans Steenbrink

Speakers: Jaap van Dieën, Maarten Prins, Frans Steenbrink

Attendees Engagement: Propositions with color cards for each attendee to vote and associated discussions.

Workshop Time: 10:30 – 12:00

More details on workshop here.

From theory to practice: continuum of lower extremity gait and balance training

Organizer: Bettina Studer-Pastore

Speakers: Evelyne Wiskerke, Giovanni Morone, Liliana Paredes, Rocco Salvatore Calabrò

Attendees Engagement: The talks will be followed by a panel discussion within the experts and the audience. During the workshop, practical planned sessions will be defined at the booth during the Congress.

Workshop Time: 13:45 – 15:15

More details on workshop here.

Value-Based Healthcare Along the Continuum of Care: Real-Time Data, Measuring Outcomes and Reporting

Organizer: Beatriz Ribeiro Barroso Dias

Speakers: Gerard Ribbers, Beatriz Ribeiro Barroso Dias, Jose Lopez

Attendees Engagement: We will do a discussion round to allow participants to share and discuss their challenges when providing rehabilitation along the continuum of care and what they think it’s the best way to have a better overview of the patient progress. We will brainstorm on what are the key points to improve the reimbursement options and at the end vote to prioritize those key points/actions.

Workshop Time: 16:00 – 17:30

More details on workshop here.

Further, we recommend the following scientific workshops:

Clinical Protocols for Technology-Assisted Rehabilitation: Which Factors Should Be Addressed and How to Define Them

Organizer: Serena Maggioni, Raffaele Ranzani

Speakers: Anne Schwarz, Liliana Paredes, Giovanni Morone, Natacha Leon

Attendees Engagement: We will divide the people in smaller working groups to stimulate the discussion and let them present their conclusions. People will then vote to prioritize the different factors proposed by the groups. If people are interested in continuing the work in this direction, we will collect their contact details and involve them in further work related to the development of clinical protocols.

Workshop Time: 10:30 – 12:00

More details on workshop here.

From Research to Clinic: Implementation of Technology Assisted Assessment and Training Protocols

Organizer: Evelyne Wiskerke

Speakers: Jaime Duarte, Liliana Paredes, Jaap Buurke

Attendees Engagement: We will use statements/questions that the audience can reply to via an online whiteboard. These statements/questions will form the start of the discussion among the experts in the final 20 minutes of the workshop.

Workshop Time: 16:00 – 17:30

More details on workshop here.