Doing what it is best at, the Andago is not only helping patients to walk again but also supporting the fight against COVID-19 in its stride!

We are happy to share that recovering COVID-19 patients at Singapore’s Changi General Hospital (CGH) are benefiting from the therapy that the Andago provides. Covid-19 patients may have muscle weakness and breathlessness because of long periods in the intensive care unit (ICU). Some would have been also on mechanical ventilation. Conventional therapy can only do so much in assisting the patient to regain strength and distance in walking, not to mention the confidence he or she needs to stay motivated during rehabilitation.

With dynamic body weight support and fall protection features, the Andago allows the patient to walk upright and safely when he/she is harnessed to the device and receives self-direct overground gait training. This helps to support the patient’s weight as he or she tries to walk and strengthen his or her muscles without the fear of falling. The therapist is also able to benefit from the minimum supervision and reduced physical contact with patients, especially during the pandemic, adhering to protocols on social distancing.

A patient case in CGH demonstrated how a recovered Covid-19 patient, who was under mechanical ventilation for 15 days in the ICU used Andago during his in-patient rehabilitation. In the beginning, the patient easily felt fatigued and could only walk 4m with assistance from therapists before his oxygen level dropped. After switching to the Andago, he managed to walk 368m without any oxygen support or rest, after just six sessions over 13 days.

Hocoma’s Andago continues to break boundaries and setting new ground by going beyond its limitations to combat COVID-19 during these unprecedented times.

Access here the entire article that was published in the Singapore national newspaper ”The Straits Times” or click here to see the video they made of Andago at the CGH.