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DIH Appoints New Chief Financial Officer

20th August 2018

Volketswil, Switzerland. DIH, the visionary corporate holding group to which Hocoma belongs, today announced the appointment of Mark Faris as Chief Financial Officer. Faris joins DIH from Veeam Software, where he contributed to fast growth and supported the change management necessary to facilitate said growth.

“I am very excited to join the DIH group at Hocoma’s headquarters in Switzerland,” Faris said. “Considering the ageing population, excellent quality rehabilitation technology and a strong focus on innovation are precisely what we as an enterprise need to continue our success story in the future.” Hocoma CEO Dr. Gery Colombo added: “It’s great to have Mark on board. He has the knowledge, the experience, and the drive – but most of all, he shares our mission to improve millions of lives.”

Mark Faris is a Swiss national born in South Africa. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and speaks fluent German, English, and Italian. In his spare time, the father of two enjoys swimming, skiing, and hiking with his family.

About DIH

DIH is an abbreviation of the company vision to deliver inspiration & health. The global leader in advanced rehabilitation and medication management solutions encompasses innovative companies, such as Hocoma in Switzerland and Motek in the Netherlands, that are setting new standards in their respective fields. In total, DIH comprises nearly one thousand passionate employees across the globe. The group generated a turnover of more than 60 million USD in 2017.

About Hocoma

Successful therapy begins in the patient’s mind. Firmly believing that they can reach their goals, one step at a time. The Swiss medical technology company Hocoma is committed to successful therapy. Its innovative technologies and ideas lend functional movement therapy new impetus, promote autonomous therapy, and provide for maximal motivation. In the rehabilitation technology field, Hocoma is internationally recognized as a pioneer and market leader. As a Total Solution Provider, we cover the entire continuum of rehabilitation: Our portfolio includes robotic and sensor-based medical devices for early rehabilitation and mobilization, for intensive gait therapy, for arm and hand function recovery, and for lower back pain relief. Additionally, our support packages offer a helping hand with clinical integration and research, business design, financing options, and marketing, and our technical support hotline is available 24/7. Hocoma founder and CEO Dr. Gery Colombo believes: “Those who break new ground must be open-minded towards unusual methods.” We have been living this mission statement since our beginnings in 1996 – at our headquarters in Switzerland as well as our subsidiaries in Chile, Singapore, Slovenia, and the USA. All the while, ideal therapy remains our primary goal. Hocoma has been a proud partner of DIH and Motek since August 2016. The company belongs to the DIH Rehabilitation Division which collectively generated a 50 million USD turnover in 2017. For more information about Hocoma, please visit www.hocoma.com.

Product Disclaimer

All Hocoma products are medical devices and must be used in strict adherence to the User Manual; failure to do so may result in serious personal injury. It is strongly recommended that you regularly consult Hocoma’s website (www.hocoma.com/legalnotes) for the latest available information. Please contact Hocoma in case of any questions.

Use only under the supervision of qualified medical personnel. However, certain Hocoma products are marketed for home use and must be strictly used according to the recommendations of your medical care provider who is knowledgeable about your specific needs. Consult the User Manual and Hocoma’s website (www.hocoma.com/legalnotes) for appropriate product designation. Failure to obtain and follow the recommendations of your medical care provider may result in serious personal injury.

This information provides details about medical products which may not be available in all countries and may not have received approval or market clearance by all governmental regulatory bodies throughout the world. Nothing herein should be construed as a solicitation or promotion of any product or of an indication of any specific use for any product which is not authorized by the laws and regulations of the country where the reader of this information resides.